Healey’s plans to cut business tax faces pushback

The Eagle-Tribune covers the debate over the Healey Administration’s estate tax proposal.

The proposal is part of a broader tax package that would, if approved by the Legislature, adjust income-tax laws to boost deductions for low-income renters, provide tax credits for housing and child care, and overhaul the estate tax.

“We know some of the challenges that we’re confronting right now: an unprecedented housing crisis, skyrocketing costs for quality child-care, companies unable to find workers with the skills they need to grow,” Healey said in a speech to business leaders last week. “The good news is we can, working together, fix that.”

But RaiseUp Massachusetts, a coalition of labor unions, community groups and faith organizations that pushed for the new millionaires’ tax disagrees:

The group said the tax cut, and Healey’s proposal to overhaul the estate tax, would “deliver an enormous windfall to the richest members of our society, while depriving the state of hundreds of millions of dollars in much-needed revenues.”

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