Estate Planning

Estate planning with Old Colony Law is about more than just having a will. Old Colony Law takes a holistic approach to estate planning with careful considerations of your assets, family dynamics, charitable inclinations, and business interests. Our highly customized estate plans leverage asset protection techniques to safeguard your most valuable assets — from your life’s work to your home and loved ones — and provide for the opportunity to build a lasting legacy in your community.

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Our Perspective

We believe that estate planning is an often overlooked and undervalued legal service, as reflected by the shrinking number of professionals entering the field and the fact that almost 70% of individuals die without a simple will.

We are proud to serve our communities in this area and are committed to providing free estate planning consultations for individuals that need to update existing plans and those without any prior planning.

Given the complexities of modern estate planning, it is not surprising that many estate plans fail to include proper asset protection and tax mitigation measures. Given that Massachusetts has such a low estate tax threshold, we believe that tax planning should be a focus in the estate planning process.

Customized and Comprehensive Estate Planning for Families

A common goal of estate planning is to minimize the risk of leaving behind financial and emotional burdens on family members. Estate taxes, probate court proceedings, and disagreements among beneficiaries can quickly dwindle estate assets and cause family rifts.

Estate planning with asset protection considerations preserves estate assets by minimizing estate taxes, avoiding probate court oversight, safeguarding inheritances, and protecting privacy in addition to providing clarity for your family upon your death.

Asset Preservation

The impact of the estate tax, especially in Massachusetts, is an important consideration in Old Colony Law’s estate planning process. As a law firm with a dual-licensed attorney-CPA, we focus particular attention on saving your family from the costs of estate taxes.

In addition to minimizing estate taxes, Old Colony Law crafts estate plans that preserve inheritances. Asset protection planning safeguards your child’s inheritance from potential creditors, including divorcing spouses, and helps ensure that inheritances are not squandered due to age or financial immaturity.

Estate Plan Implementation

Poor planning, mistakes and oversights can result in unfunded trusts and probate consequences which is why we believe that the implementation phase of estate planning is just as important as crafting the estate plan itself.

We avail ourselves to our clients and their professional team – including financial advisors – to ensure assets are titled properly so that your estate plan works as intended.

How to Begin Estate Planning

Please feel welcome to schedule a complementary introductory call to get started.