Route 9 Construction Update – Holiday Traffic Reports

We are pleased to report that traffic is expected to flow smoothly on Route 9 in Hadley as the Christmas weekend approaches. According to our sources, MassDOT will be shutting the project down after Friday, December 22, for a approximately four weeks.

Route 9 Construction Traffic Impact

In our experience the Route 9 traffic has had a minimal impact on business operations.

Extra time

During the summer months, we were experiencing traffic delays from time to time that lasted up to approximately ten minutes, and advised our clients to plan for about five to ten extra minutes of travel time.


We do not jam our schedule, and allow ample transition time between appointments. If you end up arriving just a few minutes early or late for your scheduled estate planning consultation appointment time, we will be ready for you.

How long are Route 9 traffic delays in Northampton and Amherst?

In our experience, travel time between Northampton and Amherst is free-flowing notwithstanding the construction work. We monitor the construction updates from MassDOT and advise clients as to potential impact.

Thanks to Hadley Police Department

Last summer, Old Colony Law attorney Ben Palkowski penned a Letter to the Hampshire Gazette Editor, thanking the men and women of the Hadley Police Department for their good work in keeping Route 9 a free-flowing artery between Amherst and Northampton, which, together with Hadley, are the heart of our Western Massachusetts Estate Planning service region.

Estate Planning Consultation Scheduling

We are currently booking appointments approximately two to four weeks in advance. Please consider scheduling an introductory call with us and schedule a free consultation at our Hadley, Massachusetts law office.