Seven Reasons for Estate Planning


Below is an abstract of our exclusive White Paper, Seven Reasons for Estate Planning.

Distribution of Assets at Death

If you don’t decide how your assets are to be distributed at your death, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has already decided for you.

Planning for Incapacity

Who will attend to your financial, property and business affairs, and make medical decisions on your behalf if you can’t make those decisions for yourself?

Asset Protection for Beneficiaries

How will your child’s inheritance be protected from a future divorcing spouse or other creditors?

More about asset protection for beneficiaries.

Managing a Loved One’s Inheritance

Various types of trusts are available if you have concerns about leaving an inheritance outright to a loved one.

Estate Tax Elimination or Reduction

Even people who don’t consider themselves to be wealthy are surprised to learn that their estate may be subject to Massachusetts estate tax.

More about death tax minimization.

Avoiding Probate

In addition to potentially saving costs on estate administration, avoiding probate can help protect your privacy.

Appointing Guardians

Without a will, parents leave it to the court to decide guardianship of minor children, often with family members fighting over who should have control.