Asset Protection Accounting

Legal disputes often arise out of financial disputes. Whether a dispute is between two business partners over profits; among several family members over an inheritance after a loved one has passed; or with the IRS over a position taken in a tax return, financial records (or lack thereof) routinely play a significant role in determining the outcome of legal disputes.

We are not a “CPA firm” and, therefore, do not perform financial statement audits, accept attestation engagements or function like an accounting firm. We do, however, as a Massachusetts Asset Protection Law Firm, perform certain financial, legal and regulatory accounting services to augment and streamline our service to clients.

Trust Accounting and Estate Administration

As part of our Trust & Estate Administration services, we help surviving spouses and families of loved ones perform their Trust and Estate accounting duties and prepare fiduciary tax returns.

In the course of our Estate Planning engagements, we perform an estate tax analysis and identify opportunities to potentially minimize the estate taxes. Other tax consequences for loved ones may be triggered as the result of a death of a loved one, including income tax and capital gains tax. We work with families to navigate and mitigate such tax consequences.

Campaign Finance, PAC Administration and Political Accounting

We work with corporations, nonprofits, trade associations, candidates, political committee Treasurers and other political entrepreneurs on establishing Political Action Committees, Super PACs and social welfare organizations. We also advise on and assist in unraveling complex tax and campaign finance compliance issues.

Financial Investigations and Fraud Prevention

When an organization has knowledge or suspicion of fraud, embezzlement or other misappropriation of assets occurring in their organization, or if a company is facing a government-imposed investigation, we can help examine and analyze financial information and transactions to uncover information.