Western Massachusetts Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Old Colony Law is an estate planning and asset protection law firm serving business owners, married couples and the charitably inclined in the Pioneer Valley and throughout Western Massachusetts.

Foundational estate planning

If you do not have an estate plan, you leave it to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to make important personal decisions on your behalf. With Old Colony Law, you can rest assured that you have an estate plan that reflects your choices.

Advanced estate planning

In addition, estate planning with Old Colony Law can help minimize estate taxes, protect your children’s inheritances from divorcing spouses and other creditors, and incorporate charitable gifting to leave behind a lasting legacy.

Get started

We would appreciate the opportunity to hear about your estate planning needs or concerns. Please feel welcome to contact us to get started. You may also select a time for us to call you.

Whether you are looking to engage in estate planning for the first time or are looking to modernize existing documents, we look forward to hearing from you!

Typical Old Colony Law Clients

  • Retired individuals with adult children
  • Working professionals and business owners seeking asset protection
  • High net worth individuals and families

Seven Reasons for Estate Planning

Why engage in estate planning? We offer seven reasons for your consideration. Please download our white paper, Seven Reasons for Estate Planning, to take a deeper dive.

Distribution of Assets at Death

If you don’t decide how your assets are to be distributed at your death, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has already decided for you.

Planning for Incapacity

Who will attend to your financial, property and business affairs, and make medical decisions on your behalf if you can’t make those decisions for yourself?

Asset Protection for Beneficiaries

How will your child’s inheritance be protected from divorcing spouses and other creditors?

Managing a Loved One’s Inheritance

Various types of trusts are available if you have concerns about leaving an inheritance outright to a loved one.

Estate Tax Elimination or Reduction

Even people who don’t consider themselves to be wealthy are surprised to learn that their estate may be subject to Massachusetts estate tax.

Avoiding Probate

In addition to potentially saving costs on estate administration, avoiding probate can help protect your privacy.

Appointing Guardians

Without a will, parents leave it to the court to decide guardianship of minor children, often with family members fighting over who should have control.

Resources for Other Professionals

We collaborate with financial advisors, financial planners, CPAs, tax preparers, insurance professionals and other lawyers in serving our mutual and prospective clients. We also offer the following resources for your consideration:

  • We appear at private events to speak on basic estate planning and advanced topics such as charitable giving strategies, estate tax planning, and asset protection techniques.
  • Our estate tax updates can help keep you current on changes in the law and how they may impact your clients.
  • You are welcome to use our white papers as informational and educational resources for your clients.

Please feel welcome to contact us to start a conversation.

Meet Us

Claire Crowley, Attorney

  • Attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Legal experience includes working as attorney at a New England estate planning boutique law firm drafting Wills, Revocable Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives; drafting and researching legal briefs; drafting and negotiating contracts

Claire may be contacted at 413 387 0080 or [email protected].

Ben Palkowski, Attorney, CPA

  • Attorney and CPA in Massachusetts
  • Legal experience includes working as tax and health care lawyer and lobbyist at a large northern New England law firm; advising organizations on campaign finance and IRS compliance, and establishing political entities

Ben may be contacted at 413 387 0080 or [email protected].